About Forth Landing

We help homeowners put more money in their pocket 

Our Why +

Created by Teal House Company, Forth Landing is a dual bottom line investment model designed to stabilize housing prices, reduce displacement and slow gentrification by putting the wealth back into the hands of homeowners instead of investors. 

We give homeowners the ability to make greater returns on their homes. We buy houses direct and offer homeowners the opportunity to refresh or renovate their homes without paying anything upfront. 

Our strategies combine guidance, financing and the experience of selling millions in real estate. We make our network of professionals and capital available to empower homeowners. Every effort is to help homeowners maximize their return when selling.

The how's, why's of using Forth Landing

Fix first +

pay at closing

We will take care of all renovations and repairs so homeowners can obtain the confidence & freedom needed to maximize their sales value.

Teal House Company profile

Founded in 2015, Teal House Company works to ensure everyone has an opportunity to experience the benefits of real estate. Forth Landing is a service of Teal House Company. 

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