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Forth Landing was created to invest "in" homeowners of single family and multifamily properties. We provide them with no-upfront cost renovations and property refreshes so they can maximize the sale of their home.


Our strategies combine guidance, financing and the experience of selling millions in real estate.

Created by Teal House Company, Forth Landing has a special interest in working within communities that have been historically redlined and devalued. Forth Landing is a dual bottom line investment model that uses direct investments to generate responsible profits while stabilizing housing prices, compensating for inadequate housing polices and addressing the wealth gap created by real estate. 

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Homeowners who are looking to sell can have renovations and repairs made on their home with no upfront expense. 

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Founded in 2015, Teal House Company works to ensure everyone has an opportunity to experience the benefits of real estate. Forth Landing is a service of Teal House Company. 

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