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Community Based

Process +

Our CBI System comes from an understanding of the inequality embedded in real estate. We know communities have been starved from opportunity racist housing policies and redlining. 


As a result of those policies, it is our duty to utilize an equitable approach to property acquisition and development.


With this history, we have a duty to ensure that we practice responsible and ethical investing standards. We acquire under performing properties with the sole purpose of putting them back on the market within 90 days. 

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Our Code

We approach each potential asset as a tool for growth, so we rehab it accordingly.

We made a choice to provide workforce housing options to communities. We have a code to how we redevelop properties. A code that ensures our efforts keep the focus on the people. 

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Fair Pricing Standards 

Ribbon Investors work to put new homes on the market at market or under market rate. 

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Hire Local

We will use local contractors and professionals on projects

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Remodeling Integrity

When rehabbing properties we are committed to keeping with the current community standard. 

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Next Gen

Through direct support, education and mentoring we work with emerging real estate professionals who believe in the importance of entry level housing.

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Community Principles

Keeping with community history, Ribbon Investors are respectful of neighborhood histories and tradition. 

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Responsible Investors

We will only work with investors who have shown respect to communities and have not practiced "priced out strategies".

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