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Invest in real estate with $500


"If we invest in our own community, we can fight displacement by keeping housing prices down, rents affordable and we can bridge the wealth gap while doing it.  " 

-Damon Harris

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A Teal House Company belief

Created by Teal House Company, Forth Landing works to slow gentrification and reduce displacement by keeping homes out of the hands of speculators, wholesalers and predatory investors while being a wealth generator for community members.


With a dual benefit approach to redevelopment, Forth Landing invest in communities that have been historically devalued and redlined. From property acquisition to returning lost equity, the goal is to strengthen communities from the inside out.

With an understanding of the wealth, housing and economic disparity found in real estate Forth Landing is an equitable approach to development. It leverages direct investments from local residents to address rising housing cost, gentrification and wealth inequality.


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